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December 14, 2021Best In Tents

Being your own boss may seem like a dream come true at first glance. From dress code to flexible hours, you get to make the rules and enjoy the freedom that comes along with owning your own business. But, ask any business owner and they will tell you it’s not as easy as you might think.

The first consideration for starting your own business is simply: What kind of business do you want to get into? Look for gaps in local business offerings. Do you have to drive for miles to get an authentic cheesesteak sandwich? Are window washers in demand? Find a niche that you can fill. In many areas, a rental tent business is an untapped market opportunity.

Getting Started

Start a Tent Rental Business

Starting your tent rental business requires some initial research, but it’s also one of the few start-ups that you can dive into fairly quickly. First, you’ll need to choose a reputable tent vendor. Buying tents for your rental business is a significant investment and you’ll want to choose a tent manufacturer that uses only high-quality materials. Your vendor should also offer ongoing customer support and consultation. They should also offer a large selection of tents choices along with customizable tents so that you specify color, size, design, and finishings to meet your exact needs. Keep in mind you’ll need more than just a tent - or tents - to start a tent rental business. You’ll also need to think about tent accessories including sidewalls, ballasts, drop cloths, and frame jacks.

Types Of Events Tents

Event tents come in all shapes and sizes and it may seem overwhelming making purchasing decisions. First, you should learn about the different kinds of event tents. Pole tents are affordable, easy to transport, and are fast to set up and takedown. Clear Tents are a trendy option and a must-have for anyone in the tent rental business, especially if you’re looking for the best tents for an outdoor wedding event. Cross Cable Tents are also easy to set up and a stylish option that offers the look of a pole tent with the flexibility of a frame tent. For a striking, distinct look, high peak pagoda tents are an excellent choice. Finally, for quick shelter on the go, lightweight and portable pop-up tents offer functionality and ease. 

Which Events Are More Profitable?

Now that you know about the different kinds of tents, let's talk about how tent rental businesses optimize their profit margin. Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to the tent business, bigger is definitely better. While you may have to start small to build your business, ultimately you’ll make better money by providing tents for larger events. This is because you’ll need to hire labor to erect and take down the tents. The labor costs don’t vary much between large and small events, but you can limit labor costs by doing fewer large events as opposed to small ones, thus cutting down on labor. Try to build partnerships with large-scale event planners to get repeat tent rental business and also build your reputation through word-of-mouth marketing.

Tips For Tent Rental Businesses

Tips For Tent Rental Businesses

Your tents are your business, and of course, you want to maximize your ROI. That’s why it’s so important to find a tent vendor you can trust. Be sure to choose a partner that stays on top of the latest industry trends with experienced salespeople who can provide expert advice to help you grow your business. The best tent vendors want to make sure you succeed and will look for ways to help you such as referral bonuses, financing, flat rate shipping, and free ongoing consultation. Of course, safety is most important when throwing any event, large or small. Your tents should be fire-resistant along with being waterproof. Coated vinyl tent material will ensure that event attendees are protected from the rain while providing protection from fire and mildew. Second to safety is quality. Make sure your tents include:

  • Optimal reinforcement to cover seams to prevent leakage.
  • Quality inner canvas to ensure tents are both functional and beautiful.
  • High-quality frame with mildew-resistant aluminum or steel frames.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum or steel tent poles that can withstand inclement weather conditions.
  • High-quality tent fasteners to ensure tent setup goes quickly and your tent is safely secured.

In addition, make sure your tents include high-quality ropes, webbing bands, toggles, loops, reinforcement nettings, and tent pole connectors. Other tips for your tent rental business include options for tents including:

  • Tent walls with windows that are made of sturdy material that won’t leak or break away from your tent canvas.
  • Tent sidewalls that are made universally to work with whatever tent you have.
  • Tent flooring that is sturdy.


Still thinking about how to start a tent rental business? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started! 

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Tony Ehrbar

Owner & CEO

Tony's entrepreneurial spirit is woven into the fabric of American Tent (an Inc 5000 company), shaped by his experience running a successful event venue & tent rental service. His recognition as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 is a testament to his impact & dedication to his community. As the Co-founder and CEO of Renegade Plastics, Tony is leading initiatives in the tent industry to integrate eco-friendly, recyclable materials. Contributing as a board member for the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) & the Green Bay Area Public Schools Foundation and being featured by Entrepreneur, Oracle, & Modern Weddings, Tony plays a pivotal role in enhancing the growth and success of the textile industry.

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