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March 19, 2020Now Trending

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably making plans and searching for the perfect gifts to give to the special women in your life. An increasingly popular option is choosing to celebrate and appreciate immediate family members and friends together by throwing a combined Mother’s Day party. This hot new trend is one of the best ways to make the day memorable for every participant. 

We know that it can be both stressful and time-consuming to plan the perfect Mother’s Day event, so in today’s post, we’re going to provide you with a few ideas that can help you plan a fun and meaningful Mother’s Day party. And what says "fun" and "meaningful" better than throwing your Mother's Day bash in your very own tent? Order a pole or frame tent from American Tent to shelter everyone in attendance and have a great party space ready to go for years to come. 

Here are some of our favorite party ideas:


Breakfast is more than just the most important meal of the day — it’s also one of the nice gifts for mom and a great way to show the special mothers in your life just how much you care from the very beginning of the day. You can have your favorite restaurant cater pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, and a plethora of other breakfast staples to feed the entire party, or you can have some attendees arrive early to help with a home-cooked buffet. Either way, you should make sure that you have plenty of coffee under the frame or pole tent!


Gifts for mom ideas

If getting a large group of people together early in the morning sounds difficult, then you can opt to create a brunch buffet under your party tent instead. You can include all of the usual breakfast staples we noted above, as well as heartier combinations like avocado and salmon toast, chicken and waffles, and quiches. Above all else, don’t forget to stock up on champagne and orange juice!

If there’s wind or seasonal showers in the forecast, be sure to order sidewalls so that everyone inside the tent is comfortable!

Bloody Mary Bar

Mother's day party activities ideas

Planning the event of the season just got easier: With one of the pole or frame tents from American Tent, you can use the entire day to set up an impressive bloody Mary bar that will make the day memorable. Set a table in the middle with all kinds of garnishes--from mushrooms to celery, beef sticks, pickles, and even mini samosa--and let everyone make their perfect drink. This one is sure to please and make your mom the envy of the neighborhood. 

Garden Delights

Party tent

Give your mother the poshest potting shed ever with a garden party under an American Tent tent. Pole tent or frame tent, either work for a fabulous workspace for making mom's garden grow. Have tables with pots, soil, and a variety of herbs, flowers, and vegetable plants. Invite all of her friends to come celebrate and take their own piece of the party home with them. Don't forget the garden gloves and monogramed spades!

Yoga en Plein Air

If your mom loves yoga, she'll love it even more with you, outside, under a fantastic party tent. Hire an instructor and invite all your friends and family to get your poses on. Your mom will be a star and you'll appreciate her healthy habits more than ever. 

Paint and Sip

Mother's day gifts and party activities

Another popular Mother's Day party activity is to bring the fun of those painting and wine classes right to your own backyard. Mom is left with a memento to cherish forever, in addition to the joyful memories of watching her loved ones at an easel for the first time since they were in kindergarten. 

Order Your Tent Today!

As Mom herself would say, just having her family close by is the perfect mother's day gift. Even so, doesn't she deserve the best? Go on, make this Mother’s Day the best one yet for all of the special women in your life. 

Remember, check the weather and be sure to have everything you need to keep your tent in tip top shape for mom's special day. Trust American Tent to set you--and your family--up for the perfect day. Our friendly customer service team is always happy to answer any questions you have about your order.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at American Tent!

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