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March 19, 2020Now Trending

Mother’s day is your chance to show your mom and the women in your life how much they are appreciated. The last few years haven’t been easy on anyone, least of all moms. If you’re looking for a way to go above and beyond for mother’s day this year, we are here to help. Keep reading for the best mother’s day 2022 ideas that your mom will love and remember forever.

Host a Brunch

Gifts for mom ideas

Brunch is practically synonymous with mother’s day for a reason-- it’s the perfect start to the day. If you want to take it up a notch, ditch the restaurants and host a brunch yourself! A hosted brunch is one of the best ideas for mother’s day because you can tailor it to your mom’s taste. Host an intimate brunch with immediate family or a large gathering-- whatever mom wants!

Tea Party

If you’re looking for fun mother’s day party ideas, throwing a tea party can be a big hit. Get a variety of teas, pretty cups, and delicious snacks, and fulfill this childhood dream for your mom this year.

Make your mother’s day tea party extra special and elegant by including an event tent for the day. This way, you can throw a gorgeous outdoor party in any weather. Your mom will feel as special as she deserves sipping tea with you and other guests under a beautiful canopy tent.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Mothers Day

Most moms would probably agree-- you can’t go wrong with a wine tasting! Spend a day out at a gorgeous vineyard, or stay in and create your own tasting. If you can’t be there in person for mother’s day, a wine tasting makes a great mother’s day basket idea. Put together some cheese, crackers, and well-paired wine, and you’ve got the perfect gift for your mom. 

Craft Party

For the moms who love scrolling Pinterest for their next DIY project, throw a craft party! This is a unique mother’s day party idea that’s sure to impress. Plan some crafts and gather the materials, and make sure to invite some friends or family to join in the process. Everyone will have a great time crafting together, and you’ll all have a memento to remember the day. 

Flower Arranging in The Garden

Flowers Mothers Day

We’re sure flowers will still be one of the most common mother’s day gift ideas for 2022, but you can do better than that! Instead of picking up flowers for your mom, give her a gift of flowers that will last. Do the hard work for her and set up a flower arrangement in her garden. Not only will your mom get to enjoy their beauty on mother’s day, but for the entire season afterward! 

Backyard BBQ

Sometimes there’s nothing better than grilling outdoors, especially at the start of the summer! If you’ve got a mom who loves BBQ, a backyard grill out can be the perfect mother’s day party idea.

Make sure you have a plan in place for inclement weather for your backyard bash. A pop-up tent can make the perfect shelter for grilling out in any weather and ensure your mother’s day BBQ is a hit.

Do a Garden or Room Redesign Party tent

Has your mom been looking for a little change around her home? Give your mom the ultimate gift by redesigning her garden or a special room in the house just for her. Just make sure you know your mom’s style and what she will like!

Backyard Camping

Stressed out by complicated mother’s day decoration ideas and stuffy parties that she may not like? If your mom is more laid-back and likes the great outdoors, backyard camping could be a hit. You can make mother’s day a camping affair with tents in the backyard, marshmallow roasting, and more.  

If you think backyard camping sounds fun but want a big affair- don’t worry! You can still make it happen with this idea. Why not host a large camping event for friends and family? Instead of a small personal tent, you can get a frame tent to fit everyone. It’ll be the most fun you’ve all had camping in the backyard.


Picnic Mothers Day

Taking your mom on a picnic is a classic option that’s sure to please and quite easy to pull together quickly. It makes the perfect last-minute mother’s day idea, as you can get all the food together with the day-of if needed.

If you do have a bit of time to prepare ahead of time, it’s a great idea to have a tent on hand. You don’t want to bring your mom to the perfect picnic location and then get rained out. Have a pop-up tent ready to go, just in case the weather isn’t perfect on mother’s day.

Serve a Beautiful Breakfast

Sure, it might be one of the most common last-minute mother’s day ideas, but you can’t go wrong with amazing food first thing in the morning. Create a breakfast spread for your mom to wake up to and spend the morning enjoying and spending time together. Simple, but your mom will appreciate it all the same. 

Breakfast Mothers Day


It can be difficult to show in just one day how much our moms mean to us. We hope you and your mom can enjoy the day with these mother’s day party ideas for 2022. No matter what outdoor event you have planned, American Tent has you covered. View our high-quality event tents to wow your mom this mother’s day. 

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