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Having trouble deciding on a birthday party theme for your grade-schooler? Maybe there have already been 5 birthday parties at the local bowling alley since the school year began? Throw your child a celebration that the whole class will remember- camping themed birthday party! Start with an easy to set up 10 x 10 pop-up camping birthday party tent from American Tent where all of your little one’s friends will kick off the festivities by picking up their “registration” and s’mores snacks for the evening! Laugh s’more, worry less, with these 7 camping themed birthday party ideas!

#1 Camping Themed Birthday Party Invitations

There is nothing more exciting for your child than bringing a backpack full of camp themed birthday party invitations to hand out to their class! There are endless options for cute, camping themed invitations. Whether your child is excited about warding off bears in the backyard or cozying up with friends for an outdoor movie, there is a customizable invitation for every camping adventure!

#2 Camping Party Tent

camping themed birthday party

Every great camping adventure needs a cozy homebase! After the campers are “registered”, have them drop off their sleeping bags in this covered birthday party camping tent. Their supplies will stay dry and covered, while they go explore the outdoors for the afternoon. As the sun begins to set, your little camper and their friends will be excited to return to their tent and cozy up for the evening festivities! As they open their goodie boxes and find their mini marshmallows, milk chocolate chips, and teddy bear shaped graham crackers, the spooky stories can begin! Wind down the night with a fun, outdoor themed movie as the kids crawl into their sleeping bags and enjoy each other’s company in the tent!

#3 Camping Birthday Party Decorations

Décor can be daunting! Luckily, it is easy to decorate for a backyard camping birthday party. Carry the theme from the front yard to the backyard with these fun ideas!

  • Chalkboard sign: Let the guests know they have arrived at the correct “camping spot” with a chalkboard sign in your front yard that includes your child’s name. Maybe add your home’s coordinates for a little extra sense of adventure!
  • Balloons: Coordinate with your local party store for “Happy Camper” balloons. These balloons create a fun photo opportunity for your child and their friends!
  • Cake table: Set up a table in the main tent for the cake, beverages, and themed plates and napkins. Decorate with a plaid tablecloth and maybe even craft a few glitter pinecones in the days before the party.
  • Twinkle lights: Line the inside of the tent with twinkle lights to create a cozy atmosphere as the kids settle in for a movie night.

#4 Camping Themed Birthday Party Food and Drinks

After an afternoon of outdoor adventure, all the little campers will have built up an appetite and there is nothing tastier than campfire food! These camping themed birthday party ideas are creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Pigs in a sleeping bag: Easy to prepare and a favorite for kids of all ages, this camping themed twist on a classic dinner is perfect for your child’s camping themed birthday party!
  • Fresh fruit: A favorite of cubs and kids alike! Grab whatever is in season in your area and give the kids a healthy option at the party. Other parents will appreciate it too!
  • S’mores snack mix: Traditional campfire s’mores are fun, but they can be messy and time-consuming. Instead, pack each child a Ziploc bag with teddy grahams, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows. All the fun of s’mores without the hassle!
  • Drinking water and “lake water”: Keep your campers hydrated with both water and another drink option. Label a fun flavored fruit punch “lake water” to keep with the theme!

#5 Camping Birthday Party Cakes

camp theme birthday party

Finding a fun dessert for your child’s birthday party should be a piece of cake! After baking your child’s favorite flavor of cake, ice the cake with a cream-colored frosting. Use crumbled graham crackers to create a camping site on top of the cake and mix blue food coloring into the frosting to create a water effect! Have your child help add lifesaver candies, Swedish fish, and teddy grahams to create a fun camping birthday party cake! Alternatively, bake chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and use this decorating scheme so that each child has their own individual treat!

#6 Camping Themed Birthday Party Activities

No matter what the forecast, there are plenty of camping themed birthday party activities for your child’s birthday party!

  • Adopt a wild animal: Set out a table with stuffed bears and help the guests name their new furry friend! Provide dress up clothes and adoption certificates to make each child feel they have created something special.
  • Backyard scavenger hunt: Split the guests into two teams and send them out on a backyard adventure! Create a list of objects found in your backyard (maple leaves, pinecones, or walnuts) and add some surprises along the way. Who knew there were fun mini flashlights hidden around the yard for all the partygoers?
  • Paper Lantern Decorating: Provide all the guests with a paper bag, markers, and camping themed stickers to decorate a paper lantern. As they settle into the tent for story time, create mood lighting with a battery powered candle in each bag. This is a fun, easy craft idea!

#7 Camping Birthday Party Favors

Send each guest home with a miniature backpack to pack all of those camp themed birthday party memories into at the end of the night! A custom luggage tag will ensure that their belongings are safe. A new backpack provides a fun way to transport their new furry friend and flashlight home. Fill the backpack with other little surprises to discover when they get home! A magnet for the fridge will be a cute way to display their camping photos or a journal with a pen promotes writing skills while documenting new memories. Pack a little treat for them to enjoy at home while they tell their family how much fun they had on their adventure! These are some fun and reusable camping birthday party favors.


A camping themed birthday party will be remembered as the celebration of the school year! Using tents and the great outdoors, you can create memories that will last a lifetime for your child and their classmates. When it comes to camping birthday party tents, we’re here to help! Contact us today for the perfect tent for your next event!

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