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February 17, 2022Best In Tents

When you think about growing your business, permanent tent structures probably aren’t the first thing that comes to your mind - but they should be! Tents can help solve a multitude of temporary storage issues, such as an overflow of inventory. You can also use a tent for team-building activities, such as company picnics. Tents make great classrooms as well. Students from kindergarten through college welcome any excuse to get out of the building and enjoy learning in the fresh air. Similarly, if you have regular employee training sessions, a permanent outdoor tent works well for this purpose.


As any business owner is aware, your bottom line is top of mind. If you need additional space, a brick-and-mortar building may not fit your budget. And, even if you can afford it, supply chain issues have created massive delays in construction. A semi-permanent tent is an affordable solution that you won’t have to wait months, or even years, to install.

Storage Issues

If you need temporary storage, typical storage units or warehouses may not be readily available, and even if they are, they may not fit your unique storage needs. If you work in the construction industry, you may need a medium to large size tent to protect equipment and building materials. Or maybe you just need a smaller storage solution, and units or warehouses are much larger than what you actually need.. Either way, tent structures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And if you can’t easily find what you need, tents also can be customized to meet your needs. 

Unforeseen Circumstances

permanent tent

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor tent structures are more popular - and in-demand - now than ever. Industries that we’ve noticed an increase in demand include:

  • Schools: To help ensure social distancing guidelines are met, many schools and universities have turned to create outdoor classrooms. We expect this trend to continue since outdoor learning has proven to be beneficial for students.
  • Hospital and healthcare facilities: If you got tested for the COVID-19 virus or waited in line for vaccination, the chances are good that you were under a tent at some point. That’s because healthcare providers realized that semi-permanent tent structures provided a safe and affordable solution for patient care.
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, and taverns: The pandemic hit the hospitality industry hard. Outdoor tents came to the rescue, enabling proprietors to serve socially distanced customers safely. We expect this trend to continue as well since many consumers have grown so accustomed to outdoor dining that they now prefer it over sitting indoors.

Business Optimization

Most businesses rely on a smooth supply chain for their success. Why? Because time is money, and efficiency is essential for profitability. Time spent traveling between various storage facilities is time wasted. Semi-permanent tent structures can help eliminate those unnecessary commutes and reduce liability for employees who are forced to travel back and forth. Also, it’s much easier to keep track of inventory when it’s literally in your business’ own backyard. Outdoor tent structures allow you to keep doing business with minimal disruption to your workflow, which makes for happier employees and improved morale.

Easily Adaptable

American Tent

Savvy business owners know that flexibility is one of the most critical keys to success. At American Tent, we agree! That’s why we offer flexible solutions to our customers. Whatever kind of tent your business needs, we can help. If you would like your tent branded to match your business logo, we can make that happen. Our tents are fully customizable, and we offer a variety of options, including:

  • Clear top tents
  • Tent flooring
  • Tent sidewalls
  • Tent ballasts
  • Custom tent parts


As we’ve discussed, a permanent outdoor tent provides an excellent storage solution for construction and manufacturing businesses, but did you know that they are also great for other uses, such as:

  • Open houses and conference space
  • Customer appreciation events
  • Outdoor church services and vacation Bible school
  • Community events, such as long-distance marathons or bike rides
  • Fundraisers for local charities

Ease of Set Up and Use

Let’s face it, running a business is more than a full-time job. Semi-permanent industrial tents help keep your business running smoothly with minimal disruption. Best of all, they can be erected in a much shorter period of time than a permanent structure. Whether you need a pole tent for a grassy area or a frame tent for concrete or blacktop surface, a quality tent manufacturer will have options for nearly any surface.


At American Tent, we manufacture the highest quality, American made tents that help business owners keep their operations running smoothly. Contact us today to find the right option for your business.

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