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September 08, 2020Best In Tents

When making a personal or business purchase as big as a customized event tent, you obviously want it to last as long as possible, so that you can utilize your tent for multiple events. Even if you are simply purchasing an event tent for personal/family use instead of for business and/or rental purposes, the key is to get as many uses out of your tent as possible, while keeping its shape and style.

While it’s extremely important to research your wholesale tent supplier and ensure your event tents are made with high-quality materials, you can also do your part to maintain your tent. Regularly cleaning your event tent is one of the best ways to ensure your tent is well-cared-for and stays in shape use after use.

Cleaning a tent

You might be thinking:

Do I really have to clean my event tent? Isn’t it built to last a long time even if I don’t clean it?

If you’re thinking this, you aren’t necessarily wrong. It is true that the lifespan of an event tent is determined greatly by the types of materials used and how they stand up against harsh weather conditions and multiple uses. At American Tent, we know how vital high-quality materials are in our production process.

With rust-proof stainless steel parts and superior welding of our vinyl tent material that is both water-proof and mildew-resistant, everything about our wholesale event tents for sale is made to last as long as possible and stay looking great through every use. However, no amount of waterproofing or mildew resistance can keep mold from growing on a tent that wasn’t properly cleaned, and even the highest quality materials can break if not properly taken care of. So, what is the best way to clean a tent?

Clean a party tent

Before Cleaning a Tent: Tools and Materials

The key to any great cleaning is in the preparation. Make sure you have the following tools and materials to properly clean your event tent and keep it in tip-top shape:

Drop cloths - it might seem silly putting down drop cloths just to lay your event tent vinyl on while washing, but it will make the entire process easier, as grass and other outdoor gunk will stay off the wet vinyl material and help you get your event tent clean.

Broom/Brush - This will help sweep away top-level dust and grime before getting your event tent wet.

Water Sprayer/Hose/Power Washer - Even if your tent doesn’t look dirty after one use, you never know the leftover dust, debris, and substances that have worked their way into the tent and its parts. Giving the tent a good wash after every use will keep it looking beautiful.

Cleaning solution - Not just any washing solution can be used on your event tent- some cleaners have harsh chemicals that can, over time, wear away at the vinyl tent material. It’s simple to make your own tent cleaner at home by mixing together a solution of water (warm water will work even better!), light soap with no fragrance or added stain-remover, and vinegar. (Ratio: 4 parts water, one part vinegar, light soap as needed).

Brushes/Rags/Sponges - If you have a strong enough hose or power washer and your tent isn’t too dirty, you might be able to get away without scrubbing it. For tougher stains and dirt, use soft sponges and rags to scrub off your tent without scratching the material.

Towels - it is paramount you fully dry your event tents before packing them up and storing them. Though American Tent products are made with rust-proof stainless steel parts and mildew-resistant vinyl, mold can still grow in a wet environment! Ensure your tent is fully dry to keep it rust, mold, and mildew-free.

Cleaning a party tent

How to Clean Your Party Tent

1. Lay out your tent in a well-ventilated area

Start by laying out a drop cloth or tarp on whatever area you are going to clean your tent in, preferably outdoors so that you have the room to lay out your tent, drain water, and dry the material. Once a drop cloth or tarp is laid-out, you can spread out the vinyl of your event tent on top.

2. Inspect your tent

It’s important to look over your tent and inspect it for any damage, including stains, tears, missing parts, and more. It’s much easier to repair these damages before you begin to clean, and you’ll need to provide pictures and documentation if you own a rental company and need to charge the renters for damaging any materials on the tent.

3. Sweep away dirt & grime

Taking a broom or brush and sweeping off the top layer of dirt and grime will speed up the cleaning process-- you don’t want a muddy mess on your hands once you’ve sprayed down the tent. Do a quick sweep to prepare the tent to be washed.

4. Wash your tent

Using the cleaning solution mentioned above, wash your event tent. There are many ways to accomplish this, so do what works best for you. Solution can be made in a bucket, spread over the tent and washed, put in a pressure washer, soaked into sponges for deep-cleaning scrubbing, and more.

Once you are able to get the solution on your tent, use soft brushes, sponges, or rags to scrub away the dirt and debris of your tent. You do not want to use steel brushes, hard plastic, or anything with the potential for scuffing up or scratching the surface of your tent.

5. Rinse

Make sure you get all that sudsy water off your tent fully, because any leftover soap or bleach can warp the material of the tent and even make the colors fade. Using a hose or pressure washer will make this go faster, but you can use a squeegee and a bucket if need be!

6. Dry

Remember not to skip this important step, even though it can be the most time-consuming! Mildew and mold can form on your tent if it is not properly dried. If you have the time on your hands to let your tent air-dry, make sure to check your tent afterward to make sure no debris has landed on it. To make the process go faster, use towels or even leaf blowers and other fans/dryers that will help speed up the drying time.

7. Store

Last but not least, make sure to store your tent in a proper, dry area that will ensure no mildew or mold can grow in the tent. Folding it and storing it correctly, and ensuring proper care is made when packing your tent up, will ensure nothing is damaged and your tent stays clean after all your hard work!

Party tent cleaning

Party Tent Cleaning Tips

How to remove mildew from a tent

No matter how clean you keep your event rental tents, there may come a time when you spot some mildew forming… so what then? Getting rid of any mildew you see on your tent is extremely important, and you can save your tent if you catch it early.

Because mildew can be difficult to clean, the cleaning solution mentioned above may not work to get rid of it all. You can make your solution stronger by using apple cider vinegar. Be careful to monitor your solution on your vinyl, and wash it off entirely when complete, to ensure your tent’s color does not fade.

Speed up the tent-cleaning process

Cleaning your tent doesn’t have to be an all-day process. Get creative with your cleaning by investing in pressure washers that can remove dirt and debris without scrubbing, or air dryers that will get the moisture off your tent quickly.

Buy from a trusted manufacturer

No amount of cleaning will keep a tent made with poor quality materials looking good and in top shape. Do your research when looking for the best event tents for sale and know you’re buying from a trusted source.


Cleaning your event tent is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll be able to use it for your business and/or personal use for years to come. Taking the time to properly clean and dry an event tent may be time-consuming, but you’ll save yourself thousands in the long-run, and it will be worth it every time you set up your beautiful tent!

If you’re looking for the perfect event tent for your needs, make sure to visit our current catalog of products and see what American Tent can offer your business!

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