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May 12, 2021Best In Tents

How To Choose The Best Farmers Market Tent

Your farmers market booth isn’t complete without the coverage of a high-quality farmers market canopy tent, but choosing the right tent for your needs can be difficult. When searching for your farmers market tent, there are a few key things to keep in mind that can help you find the perfect tent to accommodate your farmers market set-up and attract customers.

Here at American Tent, our customers use our pop-up canopies, pagodas, and frame tents at a variety of farmers markets and trade shows, and these are our tips on finding the perfect tent for your vendor booth.

Easy Transportation Is A Key

Keep it simple when you begin your search for your outdoor market tent and think of plain logistics before launching into how you want your tent to look and feel. If you frequent farmers markets and festivals, you’re likely going to be transporting, setting up, and tearing down your tent almost every day.

Looking for optimal convenience? We recommend the classic 10x10 pop-up canopy tent. This tent is large enough to comfortably fit tables under, as well as a variety of set-ups for your produce, products, or services. Best of all, this small pop-up tent is lightweight without sacrificing its frame or structure, so you can carry it from your vehicle to your booth site with ease and know that you will be well-covered in most weather.

Tent Should Be Easy To Set Up

As well as being extremely easy to transport, the American Tent 10x10 farmers market pop-up tent is designed and manufactured with an easy setup in mind. With velcro closures, auto-release pins, and a light-but-sturdy frame, you can easily set this tent up on your own in 20 minutes or less. When you are setting up and tearing down your farmers market tent day in and day out, you’ll be thankful for this simple setup process!

Size Should Be Appropriate For The Markets

Farmers Market Tent

Unless you want to pay hefty fees for a larger lot to rent, most farmers markets give fairly small spaces for vendors to sell their products. When it comes to getting the most out of a small space, the best canopy for farmers market booths tends to be the 10x10 pop-up tent or the 10x10 frame tent.

This is the optimal amount of space for a tent, as you can comfortably fit around 5 people inside. Canopy tent space of this size can be used for employees to prepare food, covering tables featuring fresh produce and cash registers, or displays with art and other goods that customers can look through. Whatever your vision is, you should be able to accomplish it with tents of this size.

If you happen to have a farmers market selling area of a unique size or shape, you may benefit from custom market tents in a customized design perfect for your unique circumstance. Our tent manufacturers offer custom tents and are always eager to help you design the perfect tent for your needs.

Straight Legs Are The Key

When choosing your pop-up market tent, look for tents with straight legs. You may find some pop-up tents with splayed or angled legs that will not only jut away from the tent and take up more surface area but will cut off some of the vertical space of the tent and make it impossible to add sidewalls to your booth.

Good Quality Of Materials Will Make Your Tent Live Longer

Pop-up farmers market tents get far more use than large event tents used for weddings and other more occasional events and gatherings. Ensure you are getting the most out of your investment in your outdoor market tent by getting a tent with high-quality materials.

The life of your tent depends on how it holds up to constant wear and tear, both from setup and from withstanding the elements. At American Tent, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials to manufacture our pop-up tents. Featuring lightweight, anodized steel frames that withstand rust and water damage and 100% waterproof and fire-resistant coated vinyl canopies, our market tents are long-lasting and look great after every use.

Customized Tent Will Make You Stand Out

Stand out among plain white tents with your custom canopy tent. Whether you print your custom logo on your canopy or choose a unique color and fabric from our array of choices, we can help you create a completely custom market tent that will stand out from the market crowd and draw in customers everywhere you go.

Don’t know how to design your canopy? Don’t worry! Our team is here to help you design the perfect custom farmers market tent for your needs. Learn more about American Tent custom tent services here.

Do You Need Sidewalls?

Tent for Farmers Market

Sidewalls easily attach to a 10x10 pop-up canopy tent and offer more protection from the elements while also adding additional style to your market tent. If your area is subject to spontaneous weather changes like most of the world, sidewalls can be the perfect addition to your farmers' market pop-up tent.

Sidewall Benefits:

  • Additional protection from whether - you’ll be thankful for your sidewalls when it’s raining, and when other vendors are trying desperately to keep their goods from flying away in strong winds.
  • Added style - Sidewalls can be made in various styles, with or without windows, and can make your farmer's market tent even more enticing for potential customers. You can even use your sidewalls as extra display space, and make the most of your farmers market vendor booth.
  • Climate control - If you’re in an extremely warm or cold climate, sidewalls mean you can heat or cool your space more efficiently and keep everyone more comfortable.

Don't Forget About Vent While Using Sidewalls

Vents are vital if you do use sidewalls, as your tent will quickly become stuffy without them, and can even be swept away in a gust of wind if too much wind pressure builds inside the canopy without a vent to offset it.

Remember That You Need To Weigh Down Your Tent

It is important to properly secure your tent at every farmer's market and outdoor event, which includes weighing down your tent. This is fairly easy for a 10x10 pop-up tent, as you only need 40lb weights at each corner. For a more thorough guide on properly weighing down your tent, read our guide here.

Don't Be Afraid To Invest In Tent

Investing in an outdoor market tent is an investment in yourself and your business. It is far more beneficial to have your own tent in the long run, compared to renting a tent or trying to spend long hours selling to customers without a tent at all. To get the most return on your investment, find a farmers market tent with durable, high-quality materials that will last long in a variety of elements and withstand daily use.

If you are ready to invest in a high-quality farmers market pop-up tent, American Tent can help. Search our inventory or contact us to create your custom market tent today.   

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