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See the Wide Variety of Concession Tents: A Size & Style For Any Event

5 Real-World Examples of Concession Tents in Action

Discover the versatility of concession food tents with our curated selection, offering options for every event. Whether you're setting up at a local market or managing a large-scale operation, these concession canopy examples will keep guests coming back for more.

1. Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Tent

Ideal for small or solo operations, our 10x10 pop-up tents are designed for food vendors who prioritize ease of transportation and installation. Complete with its own roller bag, you can effortlessly transport your food tent to farmers' markets or food festivals, showcasing your culinary delights and promoting your brand.

2. 10x10 Frame Tent

Compact yet sturdy, our 10x10 frame tents provide reliable coverage for events requiring longer-term installations compared to pop-up tents. This example features a red and white striped top, perfect for festivals. For added security, inquire about our hard-sided tent options to ensure your setup stands strong in any environment.

3. High Peak Tent

Make a bold statement with our high peak tents, designed to stand tall above the crowd. Featuring a floating center pole that maximizes usable space and minimizes interference with your operations, these food tents are easy to install and are a popular choice for weekend markets and outdoor gatherings.

4. Large Tent for Multiple Vendors

Whether you're organizing a bustling market or festival, or simply need to accommodate multiple concession booths, our large frame tents like the Atrium or Ameritrac are the perfect solution. With ample space inside for vendors and guests alike, you can provide shelter from the elements while fostering a vibrant atmosphere.

5. Overflow/Supplemental Concessions Seating

Enhance the guest experience with a sheltered eating space, offering attendees a comfortable oasis to enjoy their meals and take a break from the hustle and bustle. Consider a convenient pole tent for food festivals, providing relief from the sun and inclement weather while creating a welcoming environment for patrons.

6 Unique Features of Our Concession Tents

Choose a concession tent that truly stands out. By investing in high-quality materials, you’ll secure a durable shelter ready for countless events. Additionally, owning a personalized tent allows for spontaneous setup, potentially boosting your sales significantly.

  1. Fire Certified: Prioritizing safety, our tents are crafted from flame-resistant fabric that meets or exceeds NFPA-701-2 standards—essential for spaces where you need to safely cook.
  2. Blockout Vinyl: Stay cool under the shade of our 1000 denier blockout vinyl that effectively blocks sunlight, keeping the interior of the tent comfortably cool.
  3. Rust-Resistant Poles: Constructed with anodized aluminum and galvanized steel, our tent frames resist rust and endure through time, ensuring your investment lasts.
  4. Versatile Anchoring Options: Whether you're setting up on grass or concrete, our tents come equipped with flexible anchoring solutions, including traditional stakes and a portable ballasting system for harder surfaces.
  5. Custom Printing: Turn your tent into a portable billboard with our custom printed tents. Display your company logo prominently to enhance brand visibility wherever you go.
  6. Fast Delivery: Based in the Midwest, our tents are manufactured locally and feature industry-best lead times. With reliable shipping partners, we ensure swift and dependable delivery.

Invest in a concession canopy that not only serves as a practical asset but also enhances your business presence at every event.

Serve Delicious Food in Style with Concession Tents

Under a concession tent, your offerings have the ability to shine, no matter the weather. You'll have a comfortable, stylish spot to serve your delicious food and delight your guests. We’re committed to making your event a hit, with every tent we deliver.

To enhance your setup, we provide a range of accessories. Choose from elegant sidewalls—available in solid, clear, window, and mesh walls—that add style while shielding you from the elements. We also offer drop cloths and cleaners to keep your tent looking fresh, time and time again. For those with larger frame tents, our frame jacks simplify the installation process, making it smooth and effortless.

If you need something more specific, we’re here to help create your custom tent. Whether it’s a custom print to showcase your logo, a tent sized just right for your space, or a specific fabric color we can customize details to fit your unique needs. Connect with us today to start planning!

Testimonials of Our Ecstatic Customers. Wanna Join Them?

Your event's success is our mission. Find out for yourself by reading out reviews below. From your initial inquiry and beyond into post-sale support, we stand by your side, committed to event excellence. We understand the tent-buying journey can be complicated — but with us as your partner, it becomes a simple process.

Need guidance on selecting the ideal tent size or style for your special occasion? We're here to provide personalized assistance. Explore our extensive range of resources, including informative articles, engaging video tutorials, and detailed set-up guides, all designed to make your experience straightforward and enjoyable.

Our customers consistently commend our dedication to making their events shine and the fast, reliable delivery service that ensures your tent arrives on time. Let us elevate your next event — reach out by calling 920-431-0938 and experience the difference today.

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