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portable drive through garage tent

As any car enthusiast can tell you, maintaining your four-wheeled prized possessions can feel like a full-time job if you don’t have a garage or designated storage space. Keeping your vehicles, machines, and personal property outside in the sun, rain, and snow isn’t an option if you want them to last and look great, which is why a portable car tent garage can be a great investment.

If you’re looking for a simple, portable storage options for your machines and vehicles, keep reading to learn more about portable garage tents and how they can help keep your belongings well-protected outdoors.

What Tent Is Better For a Garage?

There’s a large variety of tents out there, and we manufacture a lot of these styles here at American Tent - but which style makes the best tent garage? Here are our top picks, and why we think they made wonderful portable garages.

Large Pop-Up Tents

Pop Up For Garage

Most pop-up tents run on the smaller size and likely won’t be able to fit many vehicles or personal belongings. However, you can find larger pop-up tents, like our 10x20 pop-up tent, which is large enough to house a singular vehicle, or various tools and machines.

Pop-up tents are designed with ease of setup in mind and are quick to assemble and take down. This makes them a great choice if you don’t want to leave your portable garage up year-round, or want a quick and easy solution if you need to shelter something with little notice.

Frame Tents

Frame Tent for Garage

Easily one of our most popular products, frame tents come in a variety of sizes and are the perfect choice for a heavy-duty portable garage. Because they don’t need to be staked down, they can be set up almost anywhere, both on grass and on concrete/asphalt.

Frame tents are fairly simple to set up and require little time and preparation, and they also come in just about any size you would need. Our 15 x 30 frame tent, for example, is a great mid-sized option for your portable garage.

Pole Tents

Pole Tent for Garage

When looking for an outdoor garage tent, it's important to note that pole tents, while popular for parties and events, may not be ideal for storing your car. Pole tents typically have center poles that can obstruct the interior space, making it difficult to park and maneuver your vehicle. Additionally, the absence of a sturdy frame may not provide the durability needed for long-term car storage. Consider alternative options that offer unobstructed space and a robust frame for reliable, long-lasting protection for your vehicle.

What Fabric Does My Outdoor Garage Tent Need?

It is essential to purchasing a pop-up garage tent with the highest quality materials to ensure that your cars and machines will remain safe from weather conditions and the like while stored inside the tent. So what should you look for when purchasing your portable car tent?

First and foremost, ensure that your vehicles and belongings will be safe from water damage by investing in a waterproof event tent. At American Tent, we ensure our products are 100% waterproof by using coated vinyl to produce our canopies, as well as adding additional protection around seams and zippers so you never have to worry about water sneaking in. Learn more about various tent materials and how they hold up in harsh weather in our guide on tent materials.

Sidewalls Are A Must-Have For The Portable Garage

garage tent with white car underneath

Sidewalls are the finishing touch your garage canopy tent absolutely needs to provide the ultimate protection from rain and harsh weather conditions. They zip or velcro onto your tent and create walls so that wind, rain, animals, and anything else from the great outdoors doesn’t find its way into your portable garage.

Our sidewalls are easy to install to your tent and can be created in a variety of styles so that you can ensure your tent matches whatever look you are hoping to achieve.

How To Put Up A Portable Garage

There are a few things to keep in mind while setting up your tent, especially if you want it to be a heavy-duty portable garage and not just a flimsy tent you’re going to take down after a day or two. Here are our tips on setting up your tent.

1. Find/Create Level Ground

If you’re going to be using this space like a garage that you frequently drive in and out of, it’s a good idea to put your garage on level ground, or create level ground to put your tent on. Without doing this, you’re at risk for your vehicle to become unaligned or get stuck in the grooved ground.

2. Properly Weight Your Tent

A portable garage tent that isn’t properly secure is a hazard for you, your belongings, and anyone else around. The smallest tents need around 40lbs of weight on each leg, and that increases with the size of your tent. To properly install your weights and secure your tent, read our guide on properly weighting your tent.

3. Follow The Manufacturer Guidelines

Every tent is going to have slightly different tools and setup guidelines, and it’s important to follow them carefully. Some may require different setup procedures, and event tents are most commonly damaged with improper setup, so it’s essential to know the exact procedure for your portable garage tent.

How To Put Up A Portable Garage


Your vehicles and belongings deserve the best, so don’t keep them outside where they'll be subject to the elements, or in a cheap tent that won’t keep them protected. If you’re looking for ways to protect your current machines and grow your inventory, American Tent has the products you need to create the best portable garage tent for your needs. Contact us today to learn about our custom tent options!

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