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9 Vital Features to Consider for Your Next Smoking Tent

When selecting the ideal smoking tent, there are several crucial features to consider ensuring safety, comfort, and durability. Whether for a temporary event or a permanent installation, these 9factors will guide you to the perfect solution for your needs.

  1. Flame Retardant Fabrics: Considering the fire hazards associated with smoking, it's crucial to choose a tent that is flame retardant. Our tents meet the NFPA 701-2  safety standards, offering peace of mind with every use. Additionally, incorporate vents for effective smoke release, ensuring both safety and comfort.
  2. UV Resistance: Prolonged exposure to the sun can wear down most materials. Our tents are made with UV-resistant fabric, ensuring durability and longevity even under harsh sunlight.
  3. Blockout Technology: Enjoy comfortable shade on sunny days with our blockout fabric, which offers protection from intense sunlight. Alternatively, choose tents with translucent tops for a soft, natural light ambiance.
  4. Waterproof Protection: Our waterproof tent tops provide reliable shelter from rain and winter snow, ensuring your smoking area remains dry. Note: These are temporary shelters without a specific snow load rating.
  5. Sturdy Tent Poles: The backbone of a good tent is its poles. We use anodized aluminum poles, ensuring your tent remains stable and rust-resistant over numerous uses.
  6. Tent Size Considerations: Evaluate the available space and anticipate the number of users. Remember to account for extra room for amenities like chairs or tables to maximize comfort.
  7. Diverse Tent Styles:  Our range includes a variety of tents to suit different needs. Whether you're looking for an easy pop-up for short-term events, a pole tent with elegant center poles, or a durable frame tent option for long-term use on varied surfaces, we have something for everyone.
  8. Price Range Options: Our collection spans from budget-friendly economy pole tents to more robust frame tents for those seeking higher durability and longevity.
  9. Portability for Convenience: Our tents are designed with a small footprint and portable materials, allowing you to set up the smoking area wherever needed. For added convenience, select a pop-up tent that comes with a transport roller bag.

Accessories to Consider Adding to Your Smoking Tent

Elevate your smoking tent experience with essential accessories that add comfort, ease installation, and protect your tent. Here are 5 valuable additions to consider:

  1. Tent Sidewalls for Enhanced Shelter: Boost your tent's protection with sidewalls that shield against wind and rain. Opt for solid white for complete privacy, clear, or windowed styles for a touch of natural light.
  2. Specialized Tent Cleaner: Maintain the crisp look of your tent with our tent cleaner, ideal for combating cigarette or cigar smoke-induced discoloration and keeping the fabric as good as new.
  3. Secure Tent Ballasting System: Ideal for concrete setups, our ballasting system uses 75-gallon water barrels for firm anchoring when stakes aren’t an option.
  4. Protective Drop Cloth: Lay a drop cloth before installation to prevent pinholes and stains. It’s a simple yet effective way to shield your tent’s fabric from potential damage.
  5. Efficient Stake Puller: Make disassembly a breeze with our stake puller, designed for quick and easy stake removal after use.

Unsure about what fits your needs? Our expert team is here to help! Contact us for a quote or personalized guidance in selecting the perfect smoking tent and accessories, along with helpful tips and information. Get in touch with us by calling 920-431-0938.

Your Smoking Tent FAQs

What is the tent top fabric made of?

All tents are manufactured with UV resistant and flame retardant fabric meeting NFPA 701-2

How long can I leave my smoking tent up for?

The setup duration will depend on a variety of factors including tent size, tent style, and weather conditions. Pop-up tents are the best option for daily use while frame tents are preferred for long term installations.

Where is the best location for a smoking tent?

Ensure that your smoking tent is placed at least 25 feet away from a public building or according to local regulations.

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