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Economy tents aren’t just about providing shade or shelter – they're about being there right when you need them. When a sign of rain pops up or an unexpected gathering lands on your lap, these tents are a trusted ally for just about any occasion. But don't just take our word for it.

At American Tent, it's not just about tents; it's about the relationships we build and the knowledge we share. We understand that every event, every occasion, and every budget is unique. That's why we've crafted our economy tents as an affordable alternative to commercial grade options or engineered frame tents.

We get it – not everyone needs or can stretch to the higher-end tents. It's our goal to ensure that regardless of budget, everyone has access to a quality shelter. Your event is important to us, no matter its size or scope. So whether you're planning a backyard wedding or a graduation gathering, know that we've got an economy tent tailored just for you. 

Take a moment to choose from our handpicked collection of tent add-ons and installation equipment, each crafted with care and precision. 

  1. Sidewalls add an extra layer of weather protection against the elements.
  2. Drop cloths provide a simple barrier, keeping your economy tent clean and free of damage during installation.
  3. Stake pullers come in handy for your crew, making the take-down process efficient. 
  4. Tent cleaner can help refresh a tent top and keep it looking new.

Located in the Midwest, our economy tents and accessories are in stock and readily available. With a variety of options at the ready, we ensure timely delivery to your location, thanks to our partnership with reliable shipping services. 

Explore our range of tents or reach out to us for more information– we're here to help you find the perfect fit. Let's make your event truly memorable.

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