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What are Clear Span Tents? The Lowdown…

Clear span is often defined as an open area free from physical, interior obstructions. Clear span tents are designed to create vast spaces without interior supports. These tents rely on a solid aluminum frame, eliminating the need for center poles that are common in traditional pole tents

This thoughtful design ensures every inch of space under the canopy is available for use, allowing for complete flexibility and optimization of your event layout. Whether you're planning a grand wedding, a corporate event, or any large gathering, clear span tents provide the perfect canvas to bring your vision to life, unaffected by obstacles.

Maximize Your Space With Clearspan Tents

8 Types of Clear Span Tents to Provide Long Term Event Spaces

In the realm of clear span tents, there’s a variety of options, catering to diverse needs, from budget considerations and event duration to size and setup ease. 

While we specialize in temporary clearspan tent solutions, offering an array of non-engineered, budget-friendly options, it's essential to understand the spectrum of clear span tents, including those we don't provide - such as engineered structures, to make an informed decision for your specific requirements.

Our Temporary Clear Span Tent Offerings:

  • Vertex High Peak Tent: Ideal for shorter-term events requiring a touch of elegance, these tents combine style and convenience, making them perfect for weekend festivities.
  • Pagoda Tent: This clearspan tent style not only adds visual appeal but also comes with 25 oz vinyl tops and keder sidewalls for enhanced durability, all while maintaining the clear span benefit of no internal poles.
  • Atrium Frame Tent: Known for their reliability, our west-coast frame tents offer a classic solution, capable of being installed for extended periods, providing versatile, open space for a variety of events.
  • Constellation Clear Tent: For those seeking to maximize natural light, our clear top tents offer a unique atmosphere, though they require more maintenance due to their transparent nature and fewer fabric layers compared to other tent models.
  • Ameritrac Keder Tent: A standout choice for longer-term temporary use, featuring a track system that allows for easy removal of the tent top in extreme weather conditions without the need to dismantle the entire structure.

Beyond Temporary Solutions:

While our expertise lies in temporary clear span tents, it's worth noting the existence of more permanent, engineered clear span structures for those with long-term or specialized, or more weather resistant needs, such as:

  • Engineered Clearspan Structures: Clearspan structure tents are industrial-grade tents designed for significant events, commercial use, storage, and more, with specific load ratings for enhanced safety and an ability to withstand high winds.
  • Double Decker Tents: Offering a two-level experience, double decker tents are suited for upscale events, providing an impressive setting with options for customization.
  • Arch Roof Tents: Known for their striking architectural design and glass walls, arch tents make a bold statement for any event.

We're here to guide you through selecting the best tent for your needs while providing insights into other types of clear span tents. Our commitment to quality and expertise ensures that your outdoor space is not only sheltered but also remarkable.

12 Features & Benefits of Clearspan Tents to Rock Your Next Event

Clearspan tents stand out as the premier choice for event planners and hosts seeking reliability and elegance. Below are the key benefits that make clearspan tents an unparalleled option for a wide range of occasions:

  1. Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted from commercial-grade materials, clearspan tents offer robust shelter capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions, thanks to their durable fabrics and resilient aluminum frames.
  2. Unobstructed Views: Designed without central poles, clearspan tents ensure every guest enjoys a perfect line of sight, making them ideal for concerts, weddings, sporting events, and any event where visibility is key.
  3. Floorplan Flexibility: With open floor space, you have the freedom to arrange your event however you’d like. Without barriers, you’re able to place furniture and other event items wherever you need them.
  4. Diverse Selection: There is a wide range of clearspan tents that meets every need, offering a spectrum of styles, durability levels, and budget-friendly options to choose the perfect match for your event.
  5. Elegant Walkways: Clearspan tents can craft sheltered pathways, ensuring guests remain dry and comfortable as they move between indoor and outdoor spaces, without the hazard of navigating around poles.
  6. Adaptable and Secure: The sturdy aluminum frame of clearspan tents not only provides strength but also the flexibility to be set up on various surfaces, from soft ground to hard surfaces like parking lots, using either stakes or tent ballasting systems.
  7. Custom Designs: With clearspan tents, the possibilities for customization are vast. Whether you're looking for specific dimensions or want to add unique features like fabric doors or windows to your sidewalls, invest in a clearspan tent that perfectly encapsulates your vision.
  8. Vibrant Color Options: Step away from traditional white and select from a palette of custom colors to make your event pop, align with your theme, or echo your brand's identity.
  9. Multi-Level Experiences: Double decker tents open up the possibility for multi-story events, allowing for distinct activity zones on each level, adding depth and dimension to your gatherings.
  10. Longevity for Long-Term Use: For events that span several days or need a semi-permanent setup, clearspan tents are unmatched. Their sturdy frames provide a reliable foundation less susceptible to weather, ensuring your space remains pristine and welcoming.
  11. Scalability for Large Events: Clearspan tents are not only versatile but scalable, making them suitable for events of all sizes. From intimate gatherings to grand festivals, these tents can be expanded to accommodate any number of guests.
  12. Energy Efficiency: With options for insulated walls and climate control, clearspan tents can maintain a comfortable interior environment, making them suitable for year-round use.

Clearspan tents combine functionality with aesthetics, offering a seamless blend of durability, versatility, and style for your events. Choose a clearspan tent to elevate your next gathering into an unforgettable experience.

7 Things Unique About Our Clear Span Tents?

What sets our clear span tents apart? It's not just one thing; it's a combination of local craftsmanship, superior materials, and customer-focused services that make our tents stand out. Here's why:

  1. USA  Crafted Excellence: Our Midwest location means we're close by, allowing for swift manufacturing and reduced lead times. Our dedicated team works to ensure your clearspan tent is ready when you need it.
  2. Commercial-Grade Materials: We use only the highest grade materials available in our tent manufacturing. With UV-resistant, fire-retardant 1000 denier vinyl and rust-proof frames, our tents are built to endure, offering you peace of mind and a lasting investment.
  3. Fast, Reliable Delivery: Our strategic location and efficient production, coupled with our trusted logistics partners, guarantee that your tent will arrive on schedule, even for those last-minute requests. Contact us by calling 920-431-0938 for rush orders!
  4. Affordable Durability: Our range of clear span tents provides reliable, cost-effective shelter solutions in comparison to engineered clearspan structures. Ideal for temporary shelter needs, they offer exceptional value without compromising on quality or performance.
  5. Tailored to You: Your event is unique, and so should your tent be. We offer extensive customization options, from sizes and colors to branding, ensuring your tent perfectly aligns with your vision.
  6. Support and Resources: We go beyond just supplying tents; we equip you with the knowledge and tools for a flawless setup. Our comprehensive set up guides, instructional videos, and direct support are all part of our commitment to your event's success.
  7. Accessories: Our lineup of tent accessories includes tent sidewalls including styles like solid white, window, and clear walls. And don’t forget helpful installation tools such as a drop cloth to keep your tent looking brand new or a frame jack for easy installation.

For a tent solution that combines local manufacturing excellence, top-tier materials, and personalized service, look no further. Contact us today for a clear span tent that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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