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Tent sidewalls take your tent from good to great, from exposed to sheltered. You won’t find better sidewall options than here at American Tent. We have both premium and economy tent side panel options in different styles to suit any budget or occasion. Whether you’re planning a wedding, backyard bash, tent sale, or beyond, sidewalls can help you get more out of your tent and keep your guests comfortable.

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Have questions about our sidewalls?

Have questions about our sidewalls?

Have questions or looking for a custom solution? Our sales managers are here to help with custom graphics and custom sizing. Call them today at 920.431.0938 to get your project started.

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Sometimes, an event tent just isn’t enough. Whether the summer bugs are out in full force, the outdoor weather is simply too hot or cold for open-air outdoor events, or you’re looking to make your event tent look even more elegant, sidewalls are the perfect addition to create beautiful tent walls for your event.

What are sidewalls?

Sidewalls are vinyl siding that can be added to just about any tent to create walls and add coverage to a previously exposed, open-air event tent. Side panels for tents come in various styles and sizes and can be fitted to just about any tent, including frame, pole, canopy, pagoda, pop-up, and more. For example, a canopy tent is beautiful on its own, though an event tent with walls conveys far more elegance and comfort, and will blow guests away.

Why do you need sidewalls?

Our loyal customers choose to include sidwalls in their event tent orders for many reasons. Sidewalls add privacy, coverage, climate control, and elegance to any event tent. Hospitals use sidewalls in emergency response tents to provide more privacy and create rooms within tents, couples can add sidewalls to their event tent to incorporate a classy and elegant style to the event, and corporations can invest in sidewalls for their tents to help keep bugs at bay and make it easier to heat and cool the tent. No matter what kind of tent you have, or what event you’re hosting, sidewalls will take your event tent to the next level.

Why purchase your sidewalls through American Tent?

American Tent commercial tent sidewalls for sale are completely customizable. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. From solid vinyl walls, cafe-style transparent walls, to elegant side walls with rounded and cathedral-style windows. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, our customer service team is always happy to help determine what you need.

At American Tent, we also value using the highest quality materials to create sidewalls that fit your tent, look fantastic, and hold up after many uses. Our durable vinyl is fire and mildew resistant, and is completely waterproof, as with the rest of our products. Sidewall panels include stainless steel grommets that won’t rust in moisture, and each of our walls overlap in various places to ensure extra security in harsh weather.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sidewalls

What size of tent sidewall do I need?

Finding the right size sidewalls is a cinch! Take your perimeter square footage and then divide by 20. That’s how many feet of sidewall you should have. Check out your sidewall options and feel free to error on the side of more length.

How do sidewalls work?

Sidewalls attach by clipping onto the sidewall rope that’s installed around the perimeter of our tent tops. They connect together with velcro, buckles, or other hardware of your choosing.

What material are the sidewalls made of?

American Tent sidewalls are made out 13 oz blockout vinyl with your choice of end finishes.

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