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Find the Perfect Tent Frame Replacement with Us

When you already have a tent and need a replacement tent frame, we're here to help. Whether you're a tent rental company gearing up for the event season, a business preparing for an upcoming gathering, or recovering from unexpected weather damage, we've got you covered.

Explore our extensive selection of standard tent frames to find the perfect fit for your needs. If you have any questions about compatibility with your existing tent canopy, don't hesitate to contact us. Our frames are designed to accommodate the most popular sizes in the event industry, ensuring a perfect match for your setup.

While you're here, why not take a moment to browse our tent replacement parts? 

Stocking up on essential fittings for west-coast frame tents can save you time and trouble later on. For effortless setup, consider our frame jacks, which not only ease the installation process but also enhance safety and protect your frame from damage.

We're committed to helping you host flawless parties and events. For any questions about how our tent frames or custom canopy tents, please reach out to us. Let’s get started in creating memorable occasions.

Tent Frame FAQs

Can I purchase just a frame without buying a full tent setup?

Yes, you can - over the phone! We offer "frame-only" packages that include all the essential poles, fittings, and pins needed for a complete tent frame setup. This allows you to save money by not purchasing the entire tent package if you already have a canopy. Give us a call!

What materials are your tent frames made from?

Our tent frames are built with anodized aluminum poles and galvanized steel fittings, making them rust-resistant and enhancing their structural integrity. This combination ensures longevity and stability, even in windy conditions, thanks to a secure pin and lock system. For larger tents, we also provide extra reinforcement with double tube rafter poles.

Are your frames compatible with tents from other manufacturers?

Our west-coast frame packages are designed to be compatible with Atrium Frame Tents and some other popular models from leading manufacturers. Reach out to us for clarification.

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