COVID-19 Update from American Tent: Wisconsin is now under a "shelter in place" order. As of right now, we will continue manufacturing. Our business has been deemed "essential" during this time of increased need for tents and other protective supplies. 

The health of our employees is our top priority, and we are taking every precaution to ensure everyone's safety. Office personnel are working from home and can be reached via the American Tent switchboard. Please contact us with any questions. We wish you and your family health and peace now and always.


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Clear Top Tents

Stunning, On-Trend, & an Essential Addition to Your Inventory

You’ve seen the photos. They’re breathtaking. Shot after shot of gorgeous clear-top tents, lighting up the night like something out of a fantasy series. This tent is a must-have. Whether you’re a rental company owner or a private party looking for the ultimate in elegance, a clear top tent is the clear choice.
(photo by James Stokes)
Can withstand temperatures of -20F
(photo by James Stokes)
Works interchangeably with standard frame tent frame
(photo by James Stokes)
Smaller mids to cover poles
Durable 20 gauge vinyl
Reinforced alligator clips every 24”
Easy to place velcro corners

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Have questions about our clear top tents?

Have questions about our clear top tents?

Want to learn more about clear top tents? Call our sales managers, Jake and Josh, here in the office at 920.431.0938. They’re ready with clear top tent purchasing advice as well as weight lifting schedules, business book recommendations, and a list of the best places to tailgate before Green Bay football games.

Born in the USA
Used Worldwide
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Ships from Green Bay Wisconsin
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Frequently Asked Questions about Clear Top Tents

What size clear top tent do I need?
Determining what size clear tent you need is fairly straightforward! Since clear tents are installed on frame tent frames, determine what size frame tent you need. Check out our chart here. You simply need to know how many people you plan to host and what kind of seating arrangement you’d like to have. From there, we can help you decide the right size clear tent for you.
Can I use a clear tent for wedding?
Clear tents are a stunning addition to any wedding. They are beautiful during the day and then, in the evening, they shine like diamonds with whatever kind of lighting you choose.
Can American Tent manufacture custom size clear tents?
American Tent makes custom clear top tents for the event of your dreams. Contact us to start creating the clear top tent that will take your event to the next level.

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