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Happy People Make Happy Tents

At American Tent, we love creating tents for happy occasions: Tents for weddings, graduations, and celebrations. It’s a joy to be here for you during life’s happiest moments.

... we know that life isn’t always happy and that tents aren’t always for celebrating.
That’s why we’ve been proud to produce tents for people in need. Whether it’s providing temporary schools for children displaced by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico, creating pink top tents for breast cancer events, or sending tents to states hard hit by disasters, American Tent is honored to help. Check out a few of the ways we’ve given back.

Tents for Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico was hit hard by disasters in late 2019 and early 2020. In February of 2020, American Tent was tapped by the American Federation of Teachers to help provide temporary school shelters for the kids displaced by the earthquakes.
Tents for Puerto Rico
Tents for Puerto Rico
Festival Tents

We sent over 100 tents to the island--as well as team members Tony, Bill, and Jake to help with set up. The tents and sidewalls, manufactured here in America by our 30 employees, provide shelter for students and educators in some of the hardest hit areas in the island’s south and southwest where thousands of homes, schools and buildings were destroyed and damaged in the January 7 quake and aftershocks. A majority of the 856 schools on the island remained closed due to concerns over structural damage and asbestos and up to a fifth are considered structurally unsound.

The tents we were able to provide were a game changer for the kids, teachers, and parents of Puerto Rico.

Tents for Puerto Rico
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Are you interested in partnering with American Tent?

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