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Giffy Tent Ballasting System:

The Complete Tent Anchoring System

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Works on Any Surface: Our anchoring system works on all types of surfaces from grass, gravel, concrete and asphalt; leaving no damage to the surface.

Safe and Secure: Unlike traditional barrels that don’t have attachments for tents, our anchoring system uses a ratchet strap to safely secure the ballast system to the tent.

Better Alternative: Other weighted solutions such as concrete blocks, metal, or stone are costly and difficult to transport and move.

• An Attractive Look: Snap-on lids feature convenient holders for flower pots or other decorative containers.

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Extraordinary Strength

With a weight of 660 pounds when filled with water, the Giffy Tent Ballast System provides more mounting strength than your typical 55-gallon barrel at 220 pounds. With the use of the ratchet strap to the bottom of the barrel, open tents can take up to 50 mph winds.

Easy Drainage and Transportation

Within minutes, your Giffy Tent Ballasting System can be drained of water by simply opening the water plug at the bottom of the barrel. When finished draining, they can be stacked in the box of a pickup truck and transported.

What's Included in the Giffy Ballast System

Giffy Ballasting System Setup Guide

Giffy Tent Ballast System Setup Instructions

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