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Have Questions About Our Pole Tents For Sale?

Have Questions About Our Pole Tents For Sale?

We are always ready to answer any questions you might have about pole tents. Call our sales team. They're ready to help with pole tent purchasing advice as well as great tailgate recipes, top tips for defense against nail chips, and best practices for keeping kids occupied during lockdown.

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Dance Floors for Your Canopy

For outdoor weddings and parties, a dance floor is a necessity. To create a dance floor, you can purchase portable outdoor floor tiles that are lightweight and easy to install. Simply snap the tiles into place, interlocking them, and you’re all set with a perfect temporary floor mat to dance the night away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Frame Tents

How long does it take to put up frame tents?

How long it takes to put up a frame tent depends on a lot of factors: First, your crew. Are they experienced pros? Or maybe this is their first time putting up a tent. Experience makes tent set up faster, but learning how isn't hard. Second, you may consider having more tools at your disposal. A frame jack can take the place of some crew members and make tent set up easier for the ones who are there. Third, consider the size of the tent and where it is being set up on. A 10 x 10 inside takes less time to set up than a 40 x 100 on grass. Generally speaking, setting up a frame tent can take anywhere from an hour to three hours, but the above factors play an important role in determining this.

Can a frame tent be installed on asphalt or concrete?

Frame tents can go just about anywhere! Yes, frame tents can be installed on asphalt and concrete. Always remember that staking is the best way to secure your tent. If that’s not possible--for instance, if you cannot stake through the concrete--be sure to use a trusted ballasting system.

Can American Tent manufacture custom size frame tents?

American Tent makes custom pole tents for all kinds of events. We are here to make sure you have just the right tent for your needs. And if we have to make that tent customized especially for you, we are pleased to do it. Contact us to start building the pole tent of your dreams today.

Do frame tents leak when it rains?

You won’t have to worry about an American Tent tent leaking when it rains, thanks to a number of factors. The first is that our seams are welded, not sewn. That means there are no needle holes for rain to get through. We also have flaps over areas that are laced, so at every point, the occupants of your tent are protected by 16 oz vinyl that is 100% waterproof.

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