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Replacement Tent Poles for Sale

Our strong aluminum tent poles come in a variety of sizes to suit all of your needs. These heavy duty poles can be purchased individually for replacement, or with a complete tent package!

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American Tent is a local manufacturer of commercial tent parts. As a US made brand, we have high quality poles that we manufacture in different lengths and sizes, helping you find the perfect poles for your intended use.

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Are aluminum tent poles flexible?

The short answer: yup! Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and will retain flexibility in any weather conditions.

What material is better for the tent poles: steel or aluminum?

Because of the durability and flexibility of aluminum, it is the most common material used in commercial tent poles. Steel poles do not offer any flexibility, and they are much heavier than the aluminum poles.

Do you offer custom tent poles?

We can produce custom poles for frame tents made from 2” OD aluminum. We are able to cut the poles to any size, with holes drilled on the ends for fittings.

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