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How to Throw the Best Graduation Party with an Event Tent

When it comes to planning a graduation party, it can be difficult for families and graduates to know how much is too much in terms of decorations, activities, and of course, budget. You likely don’t want to break the bank renting a formal venue for a grad party, but it’s still important to host an extra special day celebrating the graduate with family and friends. Luckily, renting an event tent is the perfect way to host an amazing outdoor graduation party, without breaking the bank. Keep reading for our best graduation tent ideas, as well as tips on decorating a tent for your graduation party!

Why Should You Rent a Graduation Tent?

Why Should You Rent a Graduation Tent

There are many reasons we love event tents for outdoor graduation parties! Graduation tents are simple to set up, offer ample space and coverage for your guests no matter the weather, and allow you to have a grad party anywhere you’d like, from a public park to your backyard.

Graduation tents are also versatile, and completely customizable. With a blank-slate feel, you can add your own decorations and style to your graduation tent and create a completely customized outdoor venue for a fraction of the cost of a formal event venue.

How to Decorate a Tent for a Graduation Party

When it comes to decorating for a graduation party, remember to have fun! This isn’t a wedding or formal event, and there’s no need to stress about fancy decor. Thoughtful DIY projects go a long way when it comes to decorating for a grad party. No matter your budget, here are some of our favorite, easy-to-accomplish graduation tent ideas!

#1 Create a Photo Booth

Graduation Party Create a Photo Booth

Photo booths are one of the best additions when decorating a tent for a graduation party. This fun prop not only looks fantastic in the venue but most importantly helps preserve the amazing grad party memories and attendees for the graduate.

Luckily, these booths are incredibly easy to create on your own for your graduation party tent. All you need is some kind of frame or transportable wall, and some kind of backdrop. The backdrop can be easily created with tulle, sequin-covered fabric, or drapes, or you can take a more adventurous approach and try your hand at something like an extravagant flower wall. Include some fun, graduation-themed props, and your graduation tent photo booth is ready to go!

#2 Decorate with Childhood Pictures

Decorate with Childhood Pictures Graduation Party

Pictures of the graduate throughout their lives are quintessential tent decorations for graduation parties and practically a must-have. Friends and family will love looking through the old photos, reminiscing, and seeing how far the graduate has come. Best of all, childhood pictures are some of the lowest-cost tent decorations for graduation parties out there!

You’ve already got the photos lying around or on a computer somewhere, so why not put them to good use? You can incorporate photos into your graduation tent venue easily. They can be hung up simply with twine and clothespins for a laidback look, turned into poster collages and hung up throughout the tent, or even printed on canvases for a wonderful take-home graduation gift for the graduate.

#3 Make a Fun Food Display

Fun Food Display Graduation Party

If you’ve spent any time looking for graduation party tent decorating ideas, you’ve probably already come across unique food displays that are blowing up in popularity. From donut walls to fruit carvings and edible arrangements, the possibilities are truly endless and many of them cost almost nothing to do. This little detail will add such a fun touch to the overall look of the venue. Get inspiration for your food display here! 

#4 Light It Up

Graduation Party Lightning

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to decorate any event tent, especially when it comes to graduation party tent ideas for incorporating the school colors into the event. You can customize your graduation tent with school-theme-colored string lights or even professional up-lighting for a grand graduation party. Whether you simply add some lighting yourself or employ a lighting installer, this extra touch will add much-needed ambiance to your graduation tent.

For more graduation tent decorating ideas, read our blog post and see the American Tent blog for more event tent tips and advice from our expert team. If you have a question about the perfect graduation tent or need help with any of our other products, contact us today. We’re excited to help you create the tent and event of your dreams!

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