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March 26, 2019 American Tent Life

Graduation Party Ideas

One minute they're wearing construction paper mortarboards at their kindergarten "graduation" and the next they're throwing the real thing high into the air as fully grown adults, off to start the next chapter of their lives. You blinked and all of a sudden your baby is a graduate. At American Tent, we can't slow time, but we can help you make the most of these special moments. 

Graduations are a special time in your child’s life. Whether they’re graduating high school, college, or grad school, it’s important to recognize and celebrate the significance of this milestone.

Your child will want to invite all of their friends to a college of high school graduation party, and you probably have neighbors and family friends who will want to attend, as well. You’re going to need a space for everyone to sit, and it’s unlikely that your home can accommodate the entire party. Instead of renting out a space at a local park or spending an inordinate amount of money to rent an event hall, invest in a pole or frame tent that can accommodate the entire party!

How to Plan a Graduation Party

Because what's going on under the tent is as important as the tent itself, we are sharing some of our favorite high school & college graduation party ideas. Hopefully you'll find inspiration to make your graduation party memorable, fun, and just as special as your graduate is.  

What do Do at a Graduation Party

As you're planning the ideal graduation party, remember your guest list. You'll no doubt have all ages of people coming to celebrate. Don't give alcohol pride of place if you're hosting children and high school students. Do remember to have enough seating for the older guests while having enough activities for your younger ones. Below are some ideas that are sure to delight all ages and make your graduation party the standard for all future events. 

Hot Dogs!

Hot dog graduation party idea

What's trending this year? Hot dog bars with all the fixings. Whether you have a grill master on hand or a platter full of precooked franks, this idea is frankly delicious. Dress it up by using the good dishes, or keep it casual with paper plates and napkins. Either way, a smorgasbord of hot dogs is sure to please. Consider adding some regional flair: If your graduate is off to see the world, offer options such Chicago, New York, European, and California-style. A variety of hot dog toppings will keep your guests and your grad coming back for more. 

Photo Wall

Moms and classmates alike thrill to a photo wall. Blow up your favorite photos of your grad and arrange them on a table with markers--either metallic or use your grad's school colors. Include photos of him or her with as many of the guests as possible from as many different time periods as possible. For extra fun, include parents' and grandparents' graduation photos. 

Let guests comb through the photos to find their favorite. Have signs encouraging them to write a special message on the photo before hanging it from a pre-set up clothesline or pinning them to a wall.

Candy is Dandy

Look, you made it this far. You steered your graduate on the right path, and a big part of your job is done. Why not let loose and celebrate with every type of candy your grad loves? Put new meaning into the phrase candy bar and set out a spread for the ages. Bonus points if you get candy in your grad's school colors. 

Worried about having thousands of empty calories around the house once the party's done? Use the leftovers to go in gift bags and send them home with guests. 

S'more Fun

Graduation party

Will your graduation party tent be set up in a space that has a fire pit a safe distance away? Set up a s'mores station! Do all the prep under the tent and then send guests out to the fire to cook. Or, for extra class, get Sterno cans for an approach that's more glamping. Regardless, be sure to have a lot of wet wipes on hand for the inevitable sticky hands that accompany this task. 

Two Words: Taco Party

There ain't no party like a taco party because a taco party is . . . delicious. Set up a table with all the cheese, salsa, cilantro, guac (and more!) that guests can possibly want. Let them choose from hard shell, soft shell, or taco salad and then let imaginations and appetites run wild. 

Make it Your Own

However you decide to host your graduation party, remember to focus on the graduate. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so always be sure to keep the guest of honor's wishes a priority. And don't forget--while this event might be once in a lifetime, you have plenty of family members who will need a tent for their graduation or special day. Buying now will pay for itself in rental savings after just a few uses. We hope this blog offered plenty of ideas for you! Let us know what you've done to make the day special!


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